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A Musical Journey - Te Glorificare


Welcome!   In 2009, my lifelong dream of making a CD of original compositions finally became a reality, and it all began with a mission trip to Cuba back in the fall of November 1998.


While in Cuba, I had the opportunity to minister in song in several churches, and on each occasion, the pastor approached me and asked if I had something in the form of music I could leave behind for their congregations.  As I returned to the states, this request lay heavy on my heart.  In the months that followed, a series of incredible events took place, and before I knew it, I was on my way laying the ground tracks for my first CD.


Later that year, I found myself in the recording studios of my late father-in-law, the renowned Mexican composer Luis Demetrio (Sway, La Puerta, Si Dios me Quita la Vida) in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.  After sharing my recent trip experiences with him, to my surprise, he graciously offered me the use of his music studio (LTDM) for my Cuba missions project! 


Throughout 1999, I made several trips to Mexico working with my arranger, his son Luis Traconis Demetrio, to bring my musical styles to life.  Soon afterwards, the initial sound tracks and vocals for Te Glorificare were completed!

  However, because of a move to Europe shortly thereafter, I had to put the completion of the CD put hold for some years. Looking back, these years provided me an opportunity to add additional live instrumentation to the CD, and secure the financing I needed for completion.              Finally, in 2009, the artwork was completed in Vienna, Austria, and Te Glorificare was ready for publication!


If you are listening to this music for the first time, my desire is that it will touch your heart in a most incredible way!  So to you my friend, and all my friends in Cuba, Latin America, and around the world, this CD is for you!  You will find many different styles on Te Glorificare, and I hope you will soon select one which will become your favourite!


As you listen to this music, I pray you will be blessed and encouraged, and know that the Lord Jesus Christ loves you so very very much, and has a great plan for your future!


From my heart to yours,




Luis Demetrio with Priscilla Wittman
Priscilla and daughters recording Clama A Mi
Luis Traconis Demetrio in a studio session for Te Glorificare
Priscilla  Wittman with vocalist Monica Traconis
Luis Demetrio Sr. and Jr. discussing the music

Pictures from top to bottom:

1. Michaela (my daughter and featured vocalist               in Clama a Mi), with grandfather Luis Demetrio

     and me.

2. Daughters Michaela and Alice providing                         background effects on Clama a Mi.

3. My arranger, Luis Traconis Demetrio.

4. With background vocalist, Monica Traconis.

5. Luis Demetrio Sr. giving some tips on recording           to his son, Luis Traconis.

Pictured below:

Left -   Eliseo Lopez on Sax in the recording studio

Right - Luis and recording engineer laying down the               tracks.

© 2023  by Priscilla Wittman

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